Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS)

Many surgical specialties have developed treatment protocols to help speed patient recovery. These protocols were developed to provide patients with information and expectations for their surgery. These protocols were put in place to make patient’s recovery as uncomplicated as possible. ERAS was designed to achieve early recovery after surgical procedures. The key elements of ERAS protocols include Pre-Operative counselling, Multi Modal Analgesia, Optimization of Nutrition and Early mobilization. Though treatment protocols have not been specifically developed for wisdom tooth surgery, Dr. Maranon has adapted many of those principles for his patients to help speed their recovery.

  • Pre-Operative Counselling: In order to prepare patients and their caregivers before surgery, pre-operative instructions will be reviewed to teach how patients should prepare for surgery. At the pre-surgical consultation there will also be thorough discussions about post-surgical care. Written instructions will be given at consultation and explained. Finally, individualized post-operative recovery expectations will be discussed.
  • Multi Modal analgesia: Multi Modal Analgesia is an acute post-operative pain management protocol. It calls for the use of different medications, local anesthetics and treatment modalities that work in somewhat different ways to minimize post-surgical pain, speed recovery and reduce adverse side effects. Opioid-sparing strategies minimize the dose of opioids utilized to reduce safety concerns.
  • Nutritional and Dietary Counseling: Good and adequate nutrition is important for fast healing. Unfortunately, oral surgery can sometimes make nutrition more difficult. The importance of nutrition and diet will be discussed. Written dietary recommendations will be presented and reviewed.
  • Early mobilization and activity: Every procedure is different, and each patient will have their own rate of recovery. Dr. Maranon believes patients should return to normal activities as soon as their recovery allows. Instructions will be given and guidelines for return to normal function will be explained.

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