Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin

Photo: Centrifuge device used to create L-PRF from a patient’s own platelets

Platelets play a critical role in wound healing. Dr. Maranon utilizes Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin (L-PRF) as an adjunct in many of his surgical procedures.

In the process, a patient’s own platelets are concentrated in a centrifuge. These platelets contain viable cells and biologic mediators that include growth factors and cytokines that are beneficial and accelerate healing.

Obtaining L-PRF does not require any artificial biochemical modification and no foreign substances are added in the process.

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Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin Beneficial outcomes:

  • Shown to help reduce bleeding even in patients on anticoagulant therapy
  • Enhances soft tissue healing and bone regeneration
  • Increases tissue vascularity
  • Not difficult to obtain and use
  • Beneficial in older patients that have advanced periodontal disease
  • Decreases the risk of dry sockets
    • Promising results when used in implant surgeries. Studies have shown strong positive results of the effect of L-PRF in implant surgeries specifically in:
      • Improved implant prognosis
      • Enhancing bone regeneration
      • Superior bone density after bone grafting
      • Increased new bone formation
    • Proposed in managing bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis or avascular necrosis of the jaw