Post-Surgical Instructions-Antibiotics

It is not always necessary or appropriate to take antibiotics after oral surgery. A short course of antibiotics is usually indicated after implant placement or procedures associated with implant placement (sinus lift or bone grafting). If a patient is given a prescription, they must have it filled and take all the medication according to the directions on the label. Antibiotics should be taken until they are gone. Dr. Maranon should be contacted immediately if patients develop a rash, swelling of the lip, tongue or face, develop diarrhea or other reaction to the medication. As long as they are tolerating their medications, it is important that patients not miss a dose of antibiotics. 

Patients may be prescribed an anti-bacterial mouth rinse. This rinse must only be used twice a day and after patients brush their teeth. Use of this rinse is not a substitute for rinsing after meals. Dr. Maranon may ask patients to use the anti-bacterial mouth rinse on a Q-tip to clean the surgical site or the teeth adjacent to the surgical site. On rare occasions, there may be some staining of teeth. This staining can be removed by the patient’s dentist during routine tooth cleaning appointments.

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