Post-Surgical Instructions-Use of Removable Full or Partial Dentures

If immediate full or partial dentures have been inserted after the procedure, Dr. Maranon will discuss with each patient their use of these appliances. Initially, dentures will be used primarily for cosmetic and less for the function of eating. Patients are usually asked to remain on a purée or soft diet for a few days, eating away from the surgical sites. Depending on the extent of the procedure, some patients may be asked to remain on a purée diet for a few weeks. On the rarest of occasions, patients may be asked not to wear their removable appliances after surgery. Dental implants must not receive unusual loading during the osseointegration phase of their treatment. This is similar to the healing of broken bones that must remain immobile or not bear any weight for a number of weeks.

When these dentures are first worn, sore spots may develop. In most cases, Dr. Maranon or the patients dentist will see the patient within 24-48 hours after surgery and make the necessary adjustments to relieve those sore spots. Failure to do so may result in severe denture sores, which may interfere with the integration of the dental implants or prolong the healing process. Patients are also asked to report any problems with their bite so that the appropriate adjustments can be made. A soft treatment liner (tissue conditioner) may be placed on the tissue side of the denture to improve the comfort and fit of the denture.

Typically, patients are asked not to sleep with their dentures in place. It is very important to keep these appliances very clean with frequent brushing and routine denture maintenance. In addition, it is important for patients to remove their dentures and rinse vigorously after meals so that food particles do not remain along the suture lines or wounds.  Dr. Maranon will advise patients on the use of the denture adhesives. When these adhesives are allowed, they must not be placed in the area of the incision margins or suture. Should patients have questions or concerns related to the use of their removable appliances, their dentures, or the foods they can eat, they should contact the office as soon as possible for instructions.

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