Post Operative Instructions-Sutures, Numbness,Cracked or Chapped Lips


Dr. Maranon may place sutures that need to be remove or sutures that fall out on their own (resorbable or dis-solvable sutures).  Many people are worried about the removal of the stitches (whether resorbable or not) but it is essentially a painless process.  It is important for patients to understand that resorbable sutures do not disappear.  Patients may notice that these sutures “fall out”. Resorbable sutures are usually are lost 3-5 days after surgery.  This is normal.  Some resorbable sutures can last ten days to two weeks or longer.  Resorbable sutures occasionally need to be removed.  If patients have questions about their sutures they should contact Dr. Maranon or his staff. 


The effects of the local anesthetic may last for several hours.  Special care should be taken not to burn, bite, or otherwise traumatize your lips and tongue.  A numbness of the lower lip, chin, or the tongue may rarely occur on the same side as the surgery.  Mention this at your post-operative visit.

Cracked or Chapped Lips

The corners of your mouth can be cracked or sore after surgery.  It is important for patients to keep their lips lubricated with Vaseline, Chap-stick or Vitamin A&D ointment.