What to Expect After Third Molar Removal

Recovery After Wisdom Teeth Removal in Encino

After surgery, patients are taken to our post-surgical recovery room. Patients undergoing procedures under sedation or general anesthesia are monitored until they are stable to go home. All patients will have their post-operative instructions discussed with them. Written post-operative instructions will also be provided for review at home.

If prescriptions are necessary, the surgical staff usually orders them directly to the patient’s pharmacy to minimize waiting for those medications. Cold compresses and wound care supplies will be provided by the surgical staff. The closer patients follow the post-operative, dietary, and wound care instructions, the faster they recover. Patients may be instructed to modify their diet following surgery and later progress to more normal foods. Patients are usually seen for routine post-surgical care a week or ten days after surgery and monitored until they have recovered.

Infrequently, patients will have healing problems that require management after surgery. These issues can usually be resolved easily. Left un-managed, these conditions can worsen and prolong your recovery. Dr. Maranon is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

If patients have any questions about their recovery it is very important that Dr. Maranon is made aware of those concerns as soon as possible. Patients should not hesitate to contact Dr. Maranon at the office telephone number:
After office hours, Dr. Maranon can be contacted by calling the office telephone number and following the after hours instructions.

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