Post-Surgical Instructions:  Immediate Function Implant Retained Restorations “Teeth in a Day”

Immediate function dental implants

Dental implants that can be placed immediately and restored with immediate function provisional (temporary) restorations provide patients with immediate cosmetic tooth replacements that can be used until the implants integrate (fuse to the bone). In those situations these implants and restorations must be treated with care. Dr. Maranon refers to these provisional restorations as “party” teeth. 

Patients should remember that these teeth have not completed the osseo-integrative process. In the best of circumstances, this process takes two to six months. Patients must remember to avoid using these restored implants for approximately 6 weeks. This will allow the healing process to complete. In addition, the provisional restoration on the dental implant is usually made out of acrylic. This type of restoration is prone to fracture and is used for normal function. For the first few weeks, patients should function away from the dental implant. A soft diet is recommended initially. Patients should avoid chewing on ice or hard crunchy foods like popcorn, nuts or granola. Food that require a lot of grinding like lettuce and raw vegetables should also be avoided. Dr. Maranon will instruct each patient about his diet recommendations at each stage in their surgical recovery.   

Patients who clench or grind their teeth  may be asked to wear an appliance that protects not only the dental implant but their other teeth as well. If these instructions are not followed, this could lead the dental implant to not integrate normally. Should this occur, the dental implant would need to be removed and the process started all over again.

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