COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Information for Encino Oral Surgery Patients During the Pandemic

Read answers to frequently asked questions, provided by Dr. Maranon. For moe information, or to request an appointment, call our Encino office at Encino CA Oral Surgery Office Phone Number 818-990-5500.

What is your office doing to prevent the spread of the virus?

Our office is closely following all the recommendations made by the CDC and our local regulatory and health authorities concerning Coronavirus COVID-19.  We are continuing to monitor these recommendations.

What are the recommendations you are following?

Most of these recommendations we have had in place for many years.  These include proper hand-washing technique, through sterilization of surgical instrument, the use of personal protective equipment, (masks, protective eyewear and sterile gloves), disinfection of all surfaces and frequently used items (pens, doorknobs etc.) and asking staff and patients to stay home if sick with a fever, upper respiratory, or flu-like symptoms.

How can I protect myself from getting sick when I come to your office?

You are likely familiar with the term social distancing.  By effective scheduling, we are making every effort to keep patients from close contact with others in our reception room.  In order to minimize contact with others, we are asking patients to arrive no earlier than your appointment time.  We would like them to wait in their car for their appointment.  The office staff will call the patient when it is time to come into the office.

Hand hygiene is very important.  Hand sanitizer is available and we encourage its frequent use.

What are you doing to keep patients that might be sick away from others?

We are asking patients who signs or symptoms of an acute respiratory illness or the flu or been in contact with someone who has had a respiratory illness to re-schedule their appointment. 

Any staff member that has signs or symptoms of an acute respiratory illness or the flu must stay at home.  Temperatures will be taken on Dr. Maranon and all staff twice a day.  

We are asking that patients come by themselves to their appointments or with just one other person if an escort is needed.  Each person entering the office will also have their temperature taken.  During the appointment, the person who accompanies the patient must wait outside the reception room.  

In addition, we are limiting the number of individuals that accompany patients to their appointments to one.  Individuals who are elderly, and/or persons with medical problems or persons who are showing signs or symptoms of illness must not accompany patients to their appointments.

Lastly, visitors to the office must follow strict cough and sneeze protocols by using a tissue to cover their mouths and then washing their hands.

How do you know if a patient might have the coronavirus?

At this point, we cannot know.  What we are doing is following the recommendations of the CDC.  The CDC has recommended a number of questions to ask patients when they are scheduling and also when they arrived at the office.  Based on those answers, we are hoping to identify those patients that are at the highest risk and not scheduling then.

That being said, we are following the Universal Protection Guidelines to protect all patients.

I was told that I need a tooth extracted but it is not hurting me.  Should I come in to have the tooth extracted?

The CDC has recommended that all non-urgent or elective surgical procedures be postponed.  This is especially true for patients who is older and/or someone who has pre-existing medical conditions (heart or respiratory disease, diabetes or immune compromised individuals) and you do not require urgent treatment that you to postpone treatment at this time.

 With that said, we remain available to you should your condition worsen and you require urgent care.  As the conditions concerning the virus improve, we can then safely schedule your procedure.

Will you give me a mask to wear in your office?

A mask will be provided when you arrive at the office.