Consultation Before Third Molar Surgery

At consultation, patients are asked questions about any problems or concerns they may have related to their third molar teeth.  Every patient’s medical, dental and orthodontic history is reviewed.  It is very important that patients let Dr. Maranon know about all medical issues, medications they take and any previous surgery or anesthetic procedures they have had. Patients receive a complete clinical examination and their x rays are reviewed. Based on that examination, Dr. Maranon discusses the patient’s condition with them.   If a procedure is indicated, he discusses the patient’s likely treatment course and anesthesia options. Patients are encouraged to take this opportunity to ask any questions they may have about their condition or about Dr. Maranon’s recommendations. Dr. Maranon knows that patients that are well informed about their condition, their procedure and how to take care of themselves afterwards recover faster.  Therefore, patients are given detailed instructions on how to prepare themselves before surgery and for their post-surgical care.  The patient is given appointment options that works best for them.  Our treatment coordinator goes over the treatment and fees with the patient before any treatment is performed.